Loot Crate October!!

Loot Crate!

October marks my second month as being a member of the Loot Crate community. (Official Looter #354 to be exact) After receiving the first crate and seeing the theme of 8bit, the thought of making a seasonal crate did not cross my mind. To my delight this month looters were greeted with a zombie themed crate.

Upon cracking open the box I was presented with my official Loot Crate membership card. Below that was a Blizzard Diablo III t-shirt. Next out of the box was a bottle of Love Energy Potion. Next a pair of glow in the dark vampire fangs.

Next up is where my love of Loot Crate is solidified. Zombie Jerky and Zombie Pea Brains. The Zombie Jerky is shall pieces of meat dried and dyed green. While it is obvious that this is beef jerky it is still a little unsettling. The Pea brains look to be dried peas covered in something white. I am not a huge fan of peas but I am going to have to give them a try. Both products are produced by Harcos Laboratories. Which is an interesting name for a company that has put out Zombie Jerky.

October Loot Crate

October Loot Crate

To go along with the zombie parts the next piece is a zombie hunter dog tag. At the bottom of the box were two zombie themed buttons. My favorite exclaming “What do we want! BRAINS When do we want them! BRAINS”

Thank you to LootCrate for making a wonderful product.

– Alex


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